Services We Provide

Free In-Home Assessments

We provide free local in-home assessments to ensure that customers obtain the finest equipment for their unique needs. Our staff of experienced and competent mobility equipment specialists are ready to help with client evaluations and provide unbiased guidance on the best products for each client's specific requirements. Following an evaluation, our pricing, ordering, and delivery procedures are quick and easy, and after-sales assistance is provided at every step.

Equipment Rentals

The use of the appropriate medical equipment may significantly improve a person's quality of life. However at Sommi Medical Equipment, we are aware that, especially for nursing homes and care facilities where equipment requirements vary regularly, the expense of obtaining specialized equipment can frequently be prohibitive.

We provide equipment rental services to help more people benefit from using the best equipment for their requirements, and to help healthcare facilities control expenses.

Equipment Repairs

Have a concern or mechanical issue with your medical equipment? Our experienced team of technicians repair and refurbish manual and electrical mobility equipment down to component level. Included in this are the motors, speed controllers, joysticks, and battery chargers for powered wheelchairs and electric scooters.